19, July, 2024


The Thelma Vaughan Memorial Home was opened during April 1971 on lands at Glebe Land, St. George, owned by the Anglican Church. It was first institution for physically disabled children in Barbados offering 24-hour residential care and was named in honour of Thelma Vaughan, a social worker in Barbados from the 1940s to the 1960s.

It started with four residents but as the numbers grew, expansion was necessary in 1975 the Accommodation block was added. Further expansion came in 2003 with the construction of the Francis Blackman Building- named after a former chairman- which offered semi-independent living to adult residents.

Since then, the Home has expanded its portfolio of services to offer respite care to children who are physically disabled. It is envisaged that this need will outstrip the that for fulltime residential care since parents and guardians are now more likely to opt for part-time rather than full-time residential care for their children or guardians.


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