18, July, 2024


The operations of the Home are overseen by an executive Committee headed by Mr. Alyson Forte with Susan Wiles as deputy chairperson; Gercine Simmons as secretary and Tony Wilson as treasurer. The other committee members are Janice Smitten, matron; Grantley Haynes, Alison Gittens,  Valerie Moseley, Letitia St. John, Faith Greaves, Kurt Bourne and Patrick Forde, a former resident who operates an upholstery business.

The residents and other clients play games such as bingo, dominoes and card games. They are also involved in handcraft and garden projects.

The Home accepts volunteers who help to provide activities such as hand craft, singing and so on but will welcome more help especially in the area of drama however, the management is willing to discuss with any prospective volunteers the skills and activities which they think would like to offer.

Thelma Vaughan Memorial Home is a member of the Barbados Council for the Disabled.

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