19, July, 2024

Cameron Marshall

Cameron loves books so much; he seldom moves around without one. He has a special way of reading, he uses the picture method, therefore he writes a story for each book. What creativity!

Watching television is another of his hobbies but he eagerly pursues new options. For example, this March, Cameron went into training and as a result, was a finalist in the Wheelchair Category of the Flex Body Building Championship.

Born on April 30th, the second of three children, Cameron seems to be a reserved person, but is often ready with a witty response that adds humour to conversations. His sister, Susan is one of his favourite people. Mention her name and his smile lights up ‘the world’.

Cameron once attended the Seventh Day Adventist Church, but he currently worships with any denomination that visits the Home. He has a beautiful voice and is a member of the Home’s quintet, The Murray Men.

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